Everybody should try a stone massage in London

This treatment uses heated or cold stones to apply pressure to the body.

This is probably one of the most unique and niche massages that you could have in London, however it is very therapeutic and good for your health.

The whole concept behind stone massage is that certain stones can apply the perfect pressure on specific parts of the body. These stones will not be big awkward stones that you might find on a beach, they are rounded, smooth and designed specifically for this therapy.

Do you like your stones served hot or cold?

These stones will also be heated in boiling water, making them a bit hot when they first touch the skin. As the stones are placed along the recipient's back they will help retain heat which deeply penetrates into the muscles.

This heat penetration method helps release tension from the body. Cold stones that have been put in a freezer can also be used on the body to help any stressed muscles recover from strenuous activity.

We recommend you try a stone massage in London just for the experience alone. Check out the providers below who offer this unique treatment, more listings added every month.


Thai Kosai

Location: Near Liverpool Street Station

Website: thai-kosai.com / Tel: 020 7247 8495 / @ThaiKosai