The concept behind Anti Cellulite therapy is about rubbing the cellulite affected areas of the body in a certain way which helps reduce the fat stored inside the body.

There aim of anti-cellulite massage, as the name already suggests, is to get rid of cellulite inside the body. This is done by massaging the areas of the body where the cellulite appears. This technique will improve the circulation of blood and hence the cellulite gets softened and released out of the body. Certain types of oils play a key role in anti-cellulite massage. Oils such as peppermint and lavender are used on the body for the purpose of stimulating the fat cells. Herbs and seaweed can also play an important role in the elimination of fat cells from the body. 

Forget these weight loss fads

Many people believe this massage can help you lose weight, unfortunately this is not true. If this was true you would probably find this type of therapy mentioned in the press as being the next big weight loss thing. The only real way to lose weight is to reduce the fat an sugar from your diet and too have smaller portions. This along with regular exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming will help you lose weigh it a healthy sustainable way.

However, this massage does have a remarkable effect of removing cellulite that stores in the fat cells, and is perfect for those people who want to reduce these stretch mark type areas. There are masseuses and masseurs who offer anti-cellulite massage in London such as the ones listed below. More listings are added every month so keep coming back to see the updates.