Pregnancy pains?

Why not try a pregnancy massage in London?

This massage is typically tailored to the expectant mothers needs and does not follow a set formula.

The aim of this massage, as you may have already figured out, is to help to rescue any pain a woman may have while being pregnant. This therapy will be different for each woman depending on what part of the body aches, for some it may be the lower back for others in maybe the legs.

Each session will be personally designed for the receiver. The mothers body must be properly positioned and supported, using pillows and padding. Proper positioning ensures comfort and safety for the mother and baby. 

Why this massage is Good for both the Mum and the baby...

Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. It's a popular complementary therapy during pregnancy for back pain, when choices for pain relief, such as medication, are often limited.

Any woman who has been pregnant knows it is a wonderful experience, however over the course of the nine months, especially the final few months, can find it awkward and uncomfortable. Having a pregnancy massage in London is one way to help relieve and minimise the aches and pains. 

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