Erotic Massage In Shoreditch

A list of the best sensual massage providers in the East London area of Shoreditch.

A very funky and vibrant area of East London for of pubs, restaurants and clubs. You will also find a splattering of tantric massage services in Shoreditch such as the ones below.

Postcode: EC2 / Underground Travel: Central Lines /  Zone: 1

Area Introduction...

Shoreditch is a trendy inner city area in the east end of London, in the borough of Hackney. The word 'Shoreditch' either comes from ' Soerddicth', which means 'Sewer Ditch' in reference to a drain in a once boggy area.

However, local legend puts that it is named aftere Jane Shore, Edward IV's mistress who was said to have died or been buried in a ditch in the region, hence 'Shore's Ditch'. The Haggerston Branch library commemorates this supposed incident with a large paiting of Jane's body being pulled from a ditch.

Shoreditch church is famed for appearing in the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons, as in "when I grow rich, say the bells of Shoreditch" The first playhouse in England was built here, known simply as 'The Theatre', and many of Shakespeare's plays with performed at this theatre.

During the 17th century, Huguenot silk weavers moved to the area, establishing a textile industry and by the 19th century, there was a textile industry there too.

In the 21st century it has become the centre of web based technology and has picked up the name Tech City. There are many bars and restaurants in the area to reflect this.

The Wenlock arms is a free house that has been a bar on and off since 1836. It is known for the quality of its craft beers. Open Kitchen is a bright, airy restaurant run by a local college but the food is said to be very good and well priced.

So if you fancy a snack after your erotic massage then you know where to go.