Notting Hill Tantric Massage Services

An area mostly famous for hosting the biggest carnival in Europe.

Notting Hill is also a great place to go for a tantric massage due to amount of great masseuses who are based in the area such as the ones listed below.

Postcode: W11 / Underground Travel: Central, Circle and District Lines /  Zone: 2


Area Introduction...

Notting Hill is an area in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in West London. It is a cosmopolitan area known for the Notting Hill Carnival and the famous Portobello Road Market.

The areas was once considered a slum in the 1960's. It used to have a large Afro-Caribbean and Irish population and a lot of artists and musicians until the 1980's, when it became gentrified.

It now hosts fashionable shops and restaurants and expensive house prices to reflect this.

The origin of the name 'Notting Hill' comes from the 'Knottynghull' or 'Notingbarns', which was a manor in Kensington owned by the Abbot of Westminster.

The area around Pottery Lane was famed for its brick and tile industry due to the local clay. Pig farmers also lived in the area so it was dubbed 'The Potteries and the Piggeries'. I

t has changed massively since then due to the influx of money into the area. Famous residents past and present include David Cameron, Daman Albarn, Robbie Williams and Claudia Schiffer.

It has also been the backdrop to many films including Absolute Beginners, Notting Hill and Performance.