This therapy is suitable for all babies and is specific with its simple but mesmerizing rhythmical moves that stimulate senses and induce a very relaxing effect on the baby.

This style of massage is performed with baby oils while the baby lies on a soft mattress. The shantala technique in particular works very well, it is performed without any muscle work or manipulation, so it is very safe for the child. It has a very positive effect on the baby's mind as well. It reduces baby's stress and enhances their sense of security and their immune system. You may also find the baby giggles a lot when doing this massage, as they seem to think you are playing with them.

Having trouble getting that baby to sleep?

Babies are wonderful little things, the smile they give you can make even the worst days feel better. However, as any parent will tell you, it is not easy to look after a baby. They need constant attention, and will sleep a different set of hours to the ones you do. If you do have trouble getting your baby to sleep then a careful and gentle massage will do the trick. Going for a regular baby massage in London, and having the therapy done by a professional masseuse or masseur, will help your baby maintain a healthy sleep pattern. See the practitioners who offer this therapy below.