Tui Na which focuses on pushing, stretching and kneading the muscles, is based on the principles from traditional Chinese medicine.

In many countries Tui Na is viewed as massage, but in China it is considered a part of a wider health plan an is seen as Chinese Medicine's version of what many in Europe might call physiotherapy.

The purpose of this unique therapy is strictly for medical purposes and not relaxation. The aim is to correct any problems the receiver may be suffering from including muscle conditions, to diseases, cancers to even headaches.

Unique Techniques

There are many tools and techniques used in traditional Chinese medicine such as massaging meridian lines in the body to herbal formulas, qi-gong therapy and heated herbal application.

Some time the therapist may rub traditional Chinese herbal remedies into the skin to soothe any aches or ailments.

Creative techniques such as friction and vibration are used as well. Even though it is not meant to be fun or relaxing it can a very intriguing therapy to try.

A Little Bit of China In London

This city has many massage shops, agencies and independent therapists who offer Chinese massage in London such as the services listed below.

Most of these practitioners are from China and have studied how to deliver this style of massage based on the Tui Na principles.

So if you boring over priced Western medicine is not working for you then why not be a little bit adventurous and try this therapy. More listings added every month.

Thai Kosai

Location: Near Liverpool Street Station

Website: / Tel: 020 7247 8495 / @ThaiKosai