This is a form of therapy that originated in Japan, and has become quite popular in treating illness.

This fantastic massage that comes from the heartlands of Japan is also known just simply as Japanese massage. It is a form of massage that uses the hands, thumbs, and fingers to apply pressure on certain areas, and correct energy imbalances that are occurring throughout the body.

The aim is to harness the body's natural healing power to help it work more effectively. It is a unique therapy that is been practiced in Japan for hundreds of years and is also closely linked to authentic Japanese healthcare as well as Zen Buddhism.

Super Shiatsu For You

When you go into the Shiatsu session you will be expected to lay on the floor. The practitioner will then start to work through your body, identifying points of interest, where the energy may be blocked according to your symptoms, and will then work slowly to put everything back in balance. 

It is not uncommon for the recipient to experience an emotional release at the end of the session, such as crying or laughing, as it is reconnecting the physical and spiritual energies. If you are suffering pain or discomfort, try out this alternative therapy, you may surprised by the results. 

A Taste Of Tokyo In London

What is great about this city is how many different cultures are here and are thriving. This city is very good at absorbing new cultures and ideas from different parts of the world. Lets not forget that over 200 different languages are spoken in London, which is incredible.

Many things from Japan are very fashionable here so it is the perfect city to try a taste of authentic Japanese massage.

There are many services who offer this therapy such as those listed below. More listings added every month.


Thai Kosai

Location: Near Liverpool Street Station

Website: thai-kosai.com / Tel: 020 7247 8495 / @ThaiKosai

Connect To Health

Location: Covent Garden

Website: connectohealth.net / Tel: 07969 300 341

Jag Reeves

Location: Finchley

Website: jag-reeves.com / Tel: 07958 561 467