Erotic Nuru Massage Kings Cross

Kings Cross is located in North London and is probably the cities main transport hubs with one of the biggest train stations in Europe.

Many sensual massage providers are also based in this area likes the ones below.

Postcode: W2 / Underground Travel: Piccadilly, Victoria and Northern Line /  Zone: 1


Area Introduction...

King's Cross is an area in inner London, that is named after King's Cross railway station, which is one of the main train routes into London from the north of the country.

Historically the area was called Battlebridge, which is rumored to have been the site of a battle in 60 AD between the Romans and the local Iceni tribe led by Boudica.

There is an urban myth, which suggest that Boudica is buried beneath platform 9 or 10 at King's Cross Station.

The modern day name comes from a monument to George IV, which stood in the area from 1830 to 1845.

The area has been immortalised in the public imagination due to the Harry Potter books, where Harry departed for Hogwarts from the station.

The railway station has capitalised on this by putting up a sign for the fictional 'Platform 9 3/4' as described in the books, and burying a luggage trolley half into the brick wall.

Kings Cross used to have a bit of a reputation as a red light district until the 1990's, when the redevelopment of the station was boosted with the Eurostar.

Most adult workers such as escorts and erotic masseuses now work in luxury apartments in the area, such as some of the one's listed above.