If you want to learn how to give a good massage or qualify as a professional therapist then London is a great place to learn.

Massage can be an excellent vocation, it can not be automated to machines, it can not be outsourced to another country. Nothing beats the warm and therapeutic touch of a fellow human being, so in that sense it's a skill that will always be needed. Whether you decide to learn massage as a way of earning extra money at the weekend or whether you want to go full time, it's a great cottage industry to be involved in. Perhaps you just want to learn for fun so you can give your family, friends and partner a great rub down. Whatever the reasons this city is a great place go and learn. Below is a run down of the most notable massage education providers in London.

Gateway Workshops

If you are seeking to build a career as a massage therapist then Gateway Workshops are one of the best educators in the city. They have trained thousands of people who have gone on to successfully build their own business.

Website: gatewayworkshops.co.uk / Tel: 0333 121 0742 / @gatewayw