The Benefits of Prostate Massage

The Benefits Of Prostate Massage

When people hear of prostate massage they often get the impression that the therapy is seedy and done just for sexual stimulation.

However prostate massage is a treatment that has many therapeutic benefits. Many of these benefits are for emotional purposes other than just physical. We wanted to know more about this massage so we asked Sartoo, a leading London prostate massage therapist for further explanation...

"Prostate massage could be called "the other side of tantric massage". Its therapeutic benefits include connecting sexuality more with the whole body and personality, including the heart. It can bring balance when there is a tendency to be too tense or controlling, or on the other hand lacking control or sense direction - in life and in sexuality. It can also help to clear away feelings of guilt or dirtiness and is beneficial for the prostate health. The experience is often highly pleasurable, both locally and in terms of the sensations spreading into the whole body.

In the session the practitioner will first massage some areas of the body, especially the back and the pelvic area. This is to warm up and open the body to receive the spreading sensations later on. Then they will gently insert their finger in the anus. They will first massage the muscles at the entrance to the anus, known as sphincters. Then they will gradually proceed deeper, eventually massaging the prostate itself."