Tantra In London

Tantric massage originates from the concept of tantra.

Tantra is an ancient Hindu philosophy concerned with notion of creating a pleasurable existence. Followers aim, by exploring physical and emotional pleasures, to achieve transformations in the body and the mind which help facilitate a heightened state of awareness. This can be achieved through many forms including meditation, yoga, sex and also massage. The first Hindu and Buddhist tantric texts were written down in India between 300 and 400 CE. Tantra reached a peak in India in the 11th and 12th centuries, when it was practiced widely and openly. Tantric yogis believed that human suffering arises from the mistaken notion of separation. The philosophy advocated celebration of the sensual and through so doing transcending the physical.

With the invasion of India in the 13th century came widespread slaughter of Tantrics and destruction of their manuscripts. Tantra went underground, where it has since remained. Tantric Buddhism was notably preserved in the monasteries of Tibet.  After the Chinese invasion of Tibet, when monks and nuns were murdered and manuscripts destroyed, those who escaped found ways to distribute their tantric knowledge more widely.

Tantric philosophy is also closely related to Chinese Tao.

Tao focuses on the resolution of opposites, a way of natural harmony with truth, beauty and justice at its centre. Chinese Tao largely focuses on medicinal solutions through acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tai Chi. Sex is also considered by Chinese Tao to be one of the main activities that can positively influence our health and well-being. Both of these disciplines explored human sensuality and sexuality in great depth, and considered the subject to be core to achieving completeness. They discovered that our sensual side is not just something to be accepted as an integral part of us, but is in fact a pathway to what they believed to be our greatest resource for health and personal growth in harmony with our environment. 

Hindu Tantric practitioners strived for spiritual enlightenment by harnessing their sexual energy, and Chinese doctors would suggest relevant sexual positions as well as a prescription of herbs. In their traditions, sensuality and sexuality were seen as central to their medicinal practice. There is also a long history of massage among Tantric practitioners. Today there are primarily two divisions in Tantric massage which evolved from the philosophy of tantra. The first comes from Traditional Tantra and is focused on healing techniques. There is often a special focus on massaging the head and meditation. The other is Neo-Tantra which has a focus with relaxation of the chakras and manipulation of the sexual organs. If you would like to experience this therapy then you can find a therapist on the tantric massage page.

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