London Serenity Interview

London Serenity

After being crowned as the best London Massage Therapists for 2012, we caught up with the founder of London Serenity, Paolo Andrea Dalla Fina, and asked him a few questions...

Why did you start London Serenity?

I started London Serenity to respond to the market’s need of a luxury mobile massage company that is at the same time professional and affordable. London Serenity stands out from other companies because we are a professional massage company with all our therapists qualified, experienced and insured. Our service differs because we are able to deliver within the hour, with our clients being both men and women at home, in their hotels, and also to offices across London. My vision was to deliver an all rounded service to anyone who believes in the benefits of a good massage without having to book in advance in expensive hotel spas and rather get the service anytime they want from the comfort of where they are.

How have you found it during the recession, are you still receiving lots of bookings?

The recession did not affect our business much. Our 5 star service meant that our current clients kept recommending us to others and we are grateful that our business kept growing during the recession. We also work with many 5 star hotels in Central London, and repeat business has been the key to our success.

What's the most popular massage that people ask for?

The most common and popular massage is a relaxing Swedish full body massage. While other massages are also popular, such as deep tissue massage and aromatherapy,  a relaxing Swedish/holistic massage has been the most popular.

Why would you recommend someone having regular massage sessions?

A good massage performed by a professional therapist can do a lot of good to someone especially when they are under stress. It’s a way of detoxing the body – especially after heaving drinking periods like Christmas – and relieving the stress of hard work, or overtired muscles due to exercise. If not for anything else, it is a ME time to unwind and treat yourself.