London Life

London Life

There is no doubt that London is one the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. Whether you are interested in music, the arts, or food, this city has it all.

But like most big cities life can be exhausting and very demanding on the body and mind. The journeys on the overcrowded tube, the traffic jams, the noise, the smell of carbon dioxide, cigarettes, sweat. The busy streets that are paved with people rushing around either heading to meetings or shopping. And how about the queues in supermarkets, cafes or at ATM machines that never seem to end. It even takes up a lot of concentration just to navigate your way around when walking the streets so you don’t bump into someone or get hit by a car.  All these situations demand that your mind is on high alert and at full concentration.

Every big city has these problems and every resident faces the same issues. A recent article published in the Guardian newspaper reveals how Scientists have found that the brains of people living in cities behave differently than their rural counterparts. The article reports that Scientists have found that two regions of the brain, involved in the regulation of emotion and anxiety, can become over-stimulated in city dwellers when they are stressed.  The Scientists argue that these differences could account for the increased rates of mental health problems seen in urban areas.


Now let’s be honest for those of us that reside in the cities we don’t really need the confirmations of scientists to tell us that life in the city can be stressful, tiring and sometimes overwhelming. This is why we strongly recommend taking time out to relax and recharge the batteries. Whether this it by going on holiday, doing sports or having a massage. These solutions will make you happier, healthier and stronger in coping with the stresses that city living throws your way.  

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