History of Thai Massage

History Of Thai Massage

We find it quite fascinating where certain treatments originate. One of the worlds most famous and popular massages is the Thai massage.

Traditional Thai treatment is a therapeutic technique that dates back thousands of years. Its precise origins are unknown, but practitioners traditionally trace their lineage to Chivaka Komarapatr, a private doctor and friend of the Buddha, is said to have successfully used massage and stretching techniques along with herbal and other remedies to treat ailments and conditions among the nuns and monks that were traveling with the Buddha, spreading Buddhism and these medicinal techniques all over Southeast Asia.

The Good Word Spreads

By the time, medical institution and practices of the monastery went along as integral parts of the religious system. When Buddhism reached Thailand in the 3rd or 2nd century BC, temples were built with adjacent dispensaries and medical schools. Massage and other healing arts were taught and applied in the monasteries and within the family. In families, it has been mainly an oral tradition (as most people could not read) handed down from teacher to student. The purpose of writing it down was to preserve the medical tradition for the longest possible time and make it available to the maximum number of people of future generations. 

As to where and when Ancient Massage originated precisely, it is difficult to ascertain for sure. A long time has passed and many historical evidences have disappeared. Most text have been lost during various invasions. Until recently the art of Thai therapy was mainly taught to Monks. That’s how Wat Po became internationally famous and renowned as the Traditional Thai Massage Medical School. The pressure points and energy lines known as Sen follows the flow of energy similar to Acupuncture and Shiatsu. If you would like a Thai treatment look here for some of the best places to get a Thai Massage in London