Best City

So where is the best city in the world for massage? 

One may immediately think of Asian cities, especially in India, Japan and Thailand.  However we think London holds its own too.  London is such a diverse place full of massage therapists from all over the world, all trained in a different way with their own unique routine and touches.  Maybe even new massage styles are involving in this city with different ideas blending together.

However, when you visit places in Indian, China, Japan and Thailand and see how intertwined massage is with life and culture, let’s be honest the UK comes know where near.  However it’s one of those questions that could never really be answered unless you travelled the world having massages – what a great life that would be!  Massage is needed everywhere in the world, especially in the hectic fast paced cities.  The main thing is to have one and enjoy it wherever you are.

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