Adult Massage London

Adult Massage In London

Stop wasting time and go for an adult massage.

We have never shied away from the fact that we feature the best sensual massage therapists the capital city has to offer here on London Massage Guide. The reason being is not only that we are very liberal and open minded about sensual massage, we actually think it provides great physical and mental health benefits. Some massage therapists that do not offer sensual massage have in the past called us 'very French.' We are not entirely sure what that means, but if it means we are a little bit more relaxed about showing the sensual side of human interaction like the French then we take it as a compliment.

However, we recognise that other people think differently, which we fully respect.  One of the problems we sometimes had with the old design of the London Massage Guide website was that, in the Couples massage section for example, we had sensual therapists mixed with non-sensual therapists.  The worry being that people wanting a sensual massage would turn up expecting something else and possibly leave disappointed, not to mention the embarrassment cause to the masseuse or masseur as well. So with the new design launch we have separated the different massage styles into 'Regular' and 'Sensual.'  Hopefully this will be appreciated by everyone. Let us know what you think of the new design on our social media sites.