Japanese Massage History

History Of Japanese Massage

Continuing our look at the history of certain therapies this week we take a look at Shiatsu.

Shiatsu originated in Japan and literally means finger pressure. It has become a great tradition in Japan, and for centuries it has been used as a part of everyday life. Along with acupuncture and herbalism, Shiatsu was for centuries an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, which was introduced to Japan by a Buddhist monk in the 6th century. The Japanese developed many of its methods to suit their own physiology, temperament and cli­mate. In particular, they developed special techniques of abdominal diagnosis, treatment and massage, which are used in shiatsu today.

However, the practice became gradually divorced from medicine and more associated with relaxation and pleasure.  By the beginning of the last century, however, the gradual move towards Western scientific and medical values which were seen as modern and somehow more exciting had reduced Shiatsu's importance.  However shiatsu has seen a strong return to its roots and is now looked on as a natural way to help with stress, anxiety, depression and muscle strain. Shiatsu was officially recognized as a therapy by the Japanese Government in 1964, so distinguishing it from Chinese and Western massage. Find some great shiatsu therapists in London.

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