Summer Sports

Summer Sports

The summer is here! (Although you wouldn’t tell with the recent weather we have been having). 

One thing the summer brings is an opportunity to take advantage of the lighter evenings and go for a run or do some other sports.  However, if you don’t prepare the body before, or relax the body after, a sporting session you might do some damage to yourself.

Have you ever gone for a long run and even though you have properly warmed down still find yourself suffering from soar and tired muscles the next day.  This is tension that is left in your muscles, tendons and joints.  A great way to get that tension out of the body is by having a sports massage.

Dating back more than 3000 years ago, massage is one of the earliest forms of physical therapy.

Because of scientific discovery and technological development sports therapy has become much more accurate at treating injury and beneficial to athletes as a whole. The physical benefits by having this sports treatment is to help the body recover from strenuous workouts. It will help release endorphin's, the body’s natural painkiller, and pump oxygen into tired and overused muscles.

Research has also found that there are psychological benefits to having this treatment. Sports massage can improve concentration and prime the athletes up for their next sessions.  It also gives the body and mind sometime to relax, reflect, and renew the body’s energy both mentally and physically. Take a look here for some of London’s best Sports massage therapists.

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