Angelina Croft

Angelina Croft

An Interview with one of the finest tantric masseuses in London.

LMG caught up with Angelina Croft, one of London's top tantric masseuses, for an exclusive interview. Enjoy.

How long have you been involved with tantric massage?  And what made you want to start doing it? 

I have been doing tantric massage now for 5 and a half years. I got into it through my fascination with sensuality and intimacy. I also wanted to help other people with my knowledge and experience. This is a more hands on type of healing. I wanted to show people that's it's ok to feel pleasure and how beneficial it is, taking the time out of hectic schedules to feel pampered and cared for. 

How can tantric massage benefit someone who lives in a hectic city like London? 

I encourage my guests to switch their phones off, to disconnect themselves from their busy schedules and grueling lifestyles. To take a little time off to feel loved and cared for. I encourage them to open themselves up to my gentle touch, to take their mental state to another place. Just this time-off is so healing, and with the fantastic release at the end, they can be left feeling brand new.

Do you get many women asking for a tantric massage?

Unfortunately, not as many women as men contact me. I think the tantric massage still holds some taboo and sometimes a bad reputation, brought on by some masseuses misleading their customers, leading women to be a little more fearful. This is a shame as women work just as hard as the men in London, sometimes harder. 

What techniques can men use to help prolong their orgasm when receiving a tantric massage or when making love to their partner? 

The control methods that I practice is a clenching of the equivalent the pelvic floor. All the muscles around the base of lingam (penis), and around the top of the testicles. I also teach exercises of a similar method to strengthen these muscles which all men have. I know that some practitioners also use a holding of the breath. 

Do you think tantra should be introduced to sex education lessons in school?

It would be great if it was, even on a very small scale, but I think that sex education for secondary school students is already complicated enough. As I see it, sex education is about teaching knowledge and practicalities, not to encourage intercourse and intimacy among students. 

Thanks to Angelina for the interview.