We had a brief chat with Dana, a professional authentic tantric masseuse who runs the popular Tantralising massage service.

When did you first become aware of tantric massage, and what made you want to become a tantra masseuse?

I have always enjoyed meeting and interacting with new people from various cultures, backgrounds and age groups which is reflected in my skill set and aptitude to speak several languages. My main interest, however, is in physical well being which is why I decided to qualify in and practise a range of massage techniques and from an introduction several years ago to tantric philosophy, I have now focused particularly on sexual health issues and sexual education. I feel I have been able to develop a real understanding of the therapeutic benefits that can be attained through the proper deployment of tantric massage and it gives me great pleasure to work with many customers in attaining these objectives.

How has the tantric massage scene in London changed over the past decade, have you found more people getting interested in tantric massage?

The tantric massage scene has changed over the last decade and not necessary for the better. There are many more practitioners now plying their trade from overtly sexual activity to so called mystical art, and often from squalid premises. There are however still an echelon of quality providers, employing talented and attractive masseuses, who are professionally trained and have a good understanding of the service they aim to provide, which reflects my own principles and practises. It is difficult to quantify the extent of public awareness of the benefits of proper tantric massage, some sadly see it as a soft porn sexual thrill, whereas the more enlightened see the short and long term benefits that can be brought to both mind and body. 

What can people expect when they visit your massage service?

My customers expect and get a premier service at an affordable price at a conveniently located discrete apartment in the West End of London. They are welcomed by a beautiful hostess to a luxurious appointed studio to create the right ambience with to attention to every little detail, whether it be from bespoke bathroom products to expensive fragrant oils. They are made to feel welcomed and relaxed by a charming and charismatic masseuse so that any inhibitions are dispelled to enable them to move along their tantric journey at a measured pace. They are reassured that they are in the safe hands of a skilled practitioner who intuitively knows by intimate touch and patient understanding how to enhance their emotional understanding and sexual awareness in both mind and body. 

You can find out more information regarding Dana and Tantralising by visiting www.tantralising.co.uk